Black Soap


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African Black soap from Africa is made from coconut oil, plantain skins, cocoa pods, palm kernel oil, natural sodium and palm oil. There are no dyes or lye in this organic soap. Black soap provides a natural foundation of vitamins A and E and iron. Natural black soap is soft and shaped to hold. It is very delicate in texture and has an earthy smell. The soap is not oily nor is it scented. Use blacksoap to deep clean your skin, and even rough spots and bumps on your skin. Using black soap when showering, bathing or washing your hair will leave you radiant and clean. Today people from all walks of life are benefiting from this amazing African soap. 

The aroma and deep rich color result from the centuries old extraction process that blends the ingredients together giving you the finest skin cleaner available.


  • Helps deep clean skin.

  • Used on most skin types including rough and dry.

  • Helps with bumps & spots.

  • Helps reveal radiant skin



  1. Relieves Acne and removes Blemishes.

  2. Prevents rashes, itching, dry and scaly skin from developing.

  3. Cleans pores and rejuvenates the skin, leaving your body fresh and clean.


Contains: plantain skins, palm kernel oil, palm oil, cocoa pod, coconut oil, natural sodium


Fake black soap is hard. It is dyed black. It does not contain any traditional ingredients. Loaded with cheap vegetable oil. Stains your wash cloth. They are chemically processed.